Muslim Ban Redux

Senator Toomey,
I condemn the White House’s second attempt to ban Muslims from entering the country, and I condemn your support for it. I said this about the first Muslim ban: “This order is absolutely unconstitutional,” and it was ruled unconstitutional by every judge who saw the case. Please read their decisions, because they are still applicable to this revised Muslim ban. This executive order will be found unconstitutional, and you continue to put yourself on the wrong side of history.

P.S. Your voicemail box is full again and no one picked up the phone during office hours.

Wars Were Waged For Representation

Senator Toomey,
Your phone lines have been busy. Your voicemail box has been full. I’m sure you’re getting plenty of mail. It’s clear that your constituents want to hear from you. Yet, it took days for you to release a noncommittal statement on the refugee ban. And you’ve largely been silent on everything else. Senator Casey, on the other hand, is communicating with Pennsylvanians. Give us some feedback, please. You promised not to be a rubber stamp for President Trump, but we need constant reassurance on that front.
Thank you.