Wars Were Waged For Representation

Senator Toomey,
Your phone lines have been busy. Your voicemail box has been full. I’m sure you’re getting plenty of mail. It’s clear that your constituents want to hear from you. Yet, it took days for you to release a noncommittal statement on the refugee ban. And you’ve largely been silent on everything else. Senator Casey, on the other hand, is communicating with Pennsylvanians. Give us some feedback, please. You promised not to be a rubber stamp for President Trump, but we need constant reassurance on that front.
Thank you.

On the Muslim Ban

Senator Toomey,
Yesterday, the president signed an executive order turning away refugees, banning people from Muslim-majority countries, and instituting a religious test for getting into the United States. This order is absolutely unconstitutional. The president has violated the constitution and his oath of office. You’ve seen the resistance in protests all over our great nation. We, the people, demand that you work to counteract the Muslim ban. You’ve used freedom of religion as an excuse for your stances before. If you remain silent now, you prove that your brand of “freedom” is for Christians only. Further, you must work to impeach the president for the violation of his oath of office.

Lies and Lies and Lies

Lies are coming out of the White House. Particularly, lies about the murder rate in Philadelphia, used to justify federal interference like the president threatened in Chicago. If you need to use lies to justify your action, your action is unjust. Senator Toomey came out in support of the president’s stance on sanctuary cities, which was supported by lies. By not speaking against the lies, Senator Toomey is compromising his own position and integrity.

Muslim Ban

Hello Senator Toomey,
No one answered my call, and your voicemail box is full.
I’m deeply disturbed by the President’s executive orders intended to deport immigrants and ban refugees. Immigration is the foundation of our nation, and it is through immigration that the US continues to excel. It can only be through compassion for refugees that America demonstrates its commitment to all men being created equal. The fact that so many are fleeing areas impacted by ISIS is clear evidence that they want to live in a nation that respects freedom and opportunity, not under the reign of an abusive power that places undue importance on a person’s religion. Yick Wo v. Hopkins tells us it is unconstitutional for a law to disproportionately affect a protected class, but the proposed list of countries in the ban is exclusively majority-Muslim. This is unconstitutional policy must be opposed by everyone with a voice, and that includes you. If this executive order is carried through, we will be living under the reign of an abusive power that places undue importance on a person’s religion. We’ll be no better than those we wish to oppose, and it won’t be long before countries will start accepting American refugees.

Please, I expect you to publicly stand with our immigrants and refugees, and you must protect them from these severe and short sighted measures.
Thank you.